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Markthalle Lunch


Quantity: 31 (available)

During the Month of April we will be at the Markthalle Neun with our Microgreens stands during the farmers market Fridays and Saturdays from 12-18h. we will be also offering a salad lunch, a Microgreens Salad bowl, using other local and fair sourced ingredients.  Swing by say hello and have some lunch.. we will offer a limited amount on pre-buy with circles.  


Katari Farms is a project focused on bringing Microgreens into everyday life. With high-nutrition seeds and plants, Katari Farms expect to bring sustainable healthy food to your dish.    Katari Farms starts with three principles:    Create a nutritional solution for healthy people.  Produce a product of proximity with low environmental impact.  Offer fresh greens produced in the city.