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S Bowl (blue flower) ceramic hand painted


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IMPORTANT NOTE THIS PRODUCT WILL BE DELIVERED AS OF NOVEMBER 28TH.   This Bowl size S is hand made and hand painted in a small workshop in Catalonia. All of them are produced with so much care, every painting is therefore unique. Is a perfect size for sauces or dips.   Colour: Withe and Blue Dimensions: 8 cm diameter 4 cm high Material: Ceramic Weight: About 50gr.  


About: We are Tanit and Aina from Barcelona, the founding sisters of our own brand of design and handmade accessories under the name of Colorin Colorado. Living: We live and work on horseback between Berlin and Barcelona. Believes: Colorin Colorado is for us a a gratifying way to dedicate ourselves to our love of sustainable design. We love authentic people who make the world a more beautiful and harmonious place. We want to transmit all this love in each of our creations, resulting in small and special series. Production: We are both involved with the same intensity in the 4 phases of the creative process of our products (design, imaging, production and point of sale distribution). We believe in the idea of "Slow movement". This method creates trust through the synergy we create with our collaborators and artists from different disciplines and institutions. Part of our production is carried out at the Estel Tapias center, located in the Raval district of Barcelona. It's a non-profit social project where people at risk of social exclusion do their work. Grateful: We want to thank you for your trust in us and our creations. Because of you what was once a dream today is our reality. You encourage to pursue new challenges and fill our lives with color. Each time you purchase a Colorin Colorado product, you also collaborate with us to support following entities: Gaya Sanctuary (rescuing bad treated farm animals), Papallugas (Clowns in hospitals, UNHCR (Food for children in Refugee Situation) and Greenpeace (Respect for nature)