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Support a Neighborhood Garden Project


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Dear Circlers, 


We've started a small neighborhood garden pilot project, 'Kiezbeete Baumschulenweg'. And we are looking for Circle donations to get the word out about our project at the Zero Waste Berlin Festival in September 2022!

We began building raised beds in March 2022 on 100m2 of land from the city and from a private owner. At the moment we have 13 beds built and overflowing with veggies and flowers. We just received funding from the local Kiezkasse to cover material expenses to build another round of raised beds. The vision is to create a 4-meter long 'Pizza Herb Bed', where neighbors can take sprigs of fresh herbs home with them. We also want to build an outdoor worm composter, develop a small permaculture demonstration site, add more 'individual' beds so that neighbors can grow their own vegetables, cooperate with 2 Kitas in the neighborhood and offer a free workshops on urban gardening topics. We plan to host a neighborhood Herbstfest this autumn. We are a multi-generational group of about 30 neighbors who are actively involved in realizing this project.

Feel inspired and want to support this work getting seen?  Send us a donation in Circles to help pay for our festival booth! (Want to make a contribution in euros which will allow us to build more beds for more neighbors? We have non-profit status under our local Bürgerverein and your donation qualifies as tax-exempt. Please get in touch! Have any household/garden/painting items which might be useful for such a project? We will gratefully accept them and come pick them up!)

As a symbol of appreciation, we offer you a tiny package of organic Hokkaido seeds to plant in 2023. <3


Thanks a lot! 
Lindsey E. and the Kiezbeete Team

Circles Wallet: KiezbeeteBaumschulenweg


in short...

I'm gardening, working with kids and finding a way to spend more time in nature.