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Ritual Design


Sibone Sibofone: "Ritual is to the soul, what food and water is to the body"

I offer designing and holding rituals for individuals, organisations and social movements. 


For thousands of years, indigenous peoples of most cultures around the world have provided meaningful ways of marking transitions,  the passage from one life stage to another through ritual. 

In times when our contemporary Western culture suffers from a meaning crisis, remembering and reappropriating these rites has great potential to reclaim meaning and mark our deepest transitions and roles as humans on earth.

It enables us to reflect where we are in our lives, who we are, who we want to become and more broadly connect to the sacredness of being a human and a member of this wider Earth community.

Coming of age, pregnancy and childbirth, marriage, loss, changes in job or location, significant illness, dying and death –  are all natural times for rituals and ceremonies. So what these ceremonies allow us to do is to reinforces the importance of these “crossings” in our lives, while supporting us to mark endings, celebrate realizations and new beginnings. 

I can offer a ritual design session in which I first listen, hear what you would like to mark or honour, why it is important to you, what elements you'd like to be included and then design the ritual with you/ for you. Common elements that are included are song, poetry, making vows or commitments, using objects as symbols. I can also guide you through the ritual if desired. 

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Carolin is a community weaver, facilitator and life-long learner.  She has always been curious about how humans can be in healthy relationships with each other and the earth.  Drawing on her anthropological studies, her work in leadership education and her passion for deep ecology, she’s developed a varied toolbox for nourishing a culture of togetherness and interbeing.


She hosts a mix of learning journeys, nature connection and community building workshops. She supports Circles with the creation of a local alternative economic system in Berlin.  Together with the Wild Minds Collective, she also offers vision quests and longer nature immersions.