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Era Zero Waste Box medium box 550


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Dear circles community,

Thank you for your enormous support on spreading the zero waste ♻️ lifestyle in your community 🙌 and supporting local businesses 🥖🫑🛒.

This 350 circles purchase buys you a 1 voucher code gift card of 55€ worth of 55€ in total to be used at  


Please note that this marketplace order does not confirm your box delivery. You must place your order at using the individual voucher code that we will send you by email after completing this purchase.🌱🌍


♻️ Boxes

Our boxes are all zero waste, organic, sourced from local businesses and can be customised.

Boxes start at 35€ which includes 5 euros deposit for the reusable box. 

Pick ups are FREE. 

The delivery fee of 5,9€ is charged separately (all the deliveries are made in electric vehicles by our team of regularly employed people). If you prefer to pick up we have pickups available for free in Neukölln! 


💳 Voucher information

- product description: 55€ voucher to be used at our website

- voucher must be used in 90 days


⏰ Delivery information 

- Next delivery date: every tuesday

- Next delivery deadline for ordering: every previous thursday



Do I need to transfer circles for this purchase?

Yes you do, to @erabox.


How many vouchers can I use per purchase?

Unfortunately only one.


I am already a subscriber, do I need to order again?

You will have to order once and relax for 4 weeks if you like you can also edit your order every week! 


Please reach out to if you have further questions thank youuuuuu 💚

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Era Zero Waste Grocery Box.

Customisable box of zero waste groceries delivered like the old milkman.

Schedule your weekly Groceries, forget the weekly trash!

Our mission is to make zero waste easy for everyone. We know that every action counts, we can achieve more together. We collaborate and share, we are guiding and following, we listen, we co-create and learn from each other. We are building Zero Waste Era to make an impact bigger than our organisation - by the collective power and by our own engagement. We only sell things that comes from sustainably committed vendors. If we cannot have something meet Era’s standard, we won’t launch it.
We know that the clock is ticking, but we are optimistic. We can see beauty and possibility in our future.
We are using technology to bring to life the most sustainable way to consume and sell. We are not perfect, but we are doing everything we can! We are completely transparent about our operations and our journey to make a difference. We strive for zero waste and carbon neutral operations from day one!