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Cork handbag vegan black with Japanese cherry flowers


Quantity: 4 (available)

This cork handbag vegan black with flowers has a unique design with natural materials.


Turn the handbag over to one of the two different fabric patterns and depending your daily or situational mood use one or the other side. The fabric of the cork handbag vegan black with flowers represents a Japanese traditional fabric. The cork comes from Girona, Catalonia (Spain) because we try to use as much as possible regional materials.

As we have a close connection with our products we do our own designs in Barcelona and are continuously improving and re-inventing them in our workshop hands on, depending the influences which surround us in Barcelona and Berlin. The handbag design is almost unique to a certain number of pieces as we rely in most of the cases on fabric which we find and take advantage for our production.  

In our designs we always look for a combination and good balance of practicality, comfort and modern design.



The Estel-Tàpia project, where we have our handbags sewn, is a social institution working in the Raval district (Barcelona) with the idea of a socio-productive workshop for adults in a situation of social exclusion.



· The Inner lining is made of fabric, which is colour-coordinated with the outer fabric. In order to make is easier to find your important things in the handbag we designed two inner pockets, where you can put keys, mobile phone or other items.
· Strong metal zipper.
· Easy to clean with a damp cloth.



Minimum dimensions – folded:
Width 27 cm
Height 18 cm

Maximum dimensions – unfolded:
Width 27 cm
Height 27 cm
Max. Belt length – 120 cm – hanging 65 cm
Min. belt length – 46 cm – hanging 23 cm



Outer fabric: blended fabric
Lower fabric: cork
Lining: blended fabric
Bracelet: Imitation leather



– Ecological and sustainable.
– Natural high-quality and durable material
– Produced according to ethical principles.


Cork has waterproof properties that make it the perfect material for accessories and apparel.


The antistatic and hypoallergenic properties of the cork tissue allow a safe contact with the skin.


Cork harvesting helps increase the life expectancy of native trees and the ecosystems in which trees grow.


We contribute to reducing the greenhouse effect
It is estimated that cork oak forests store up to 14 million tonnes of CO2 per year.


Cork materials are biodegradable and made from renewable raw materials.



The pattern of the fabric does not exactly have the position as in the example photos.
The lining does not always correspond to the photos, but these are always chosen in combination with the outer pattern. If in doubt, please ask.



We are Tanit and Aina from Barcelona, the founding sisters of our own brand of design and handmade accessories under the name of Colorin Colorado.


We live and work on horseback between Berlin and Barcelona.


Colorin Colorado is for us a a gratifying way to dedicate ourselves to our love of sustainable design. We love authentic people who make the world a more beautiful and harmonious place. We want to transmit all this love in each of our creations, resulting in small and special series.


We are both involved with the same intensity in the 4 phases of the creative process of our products (design, imaging, production and point of sale distribution). We believe in the idea of "Slow movement". This method creates trust through the synergy we create with our collaborators and artists from different disciplines and institutions. Part of our production is carried out at the Estel Tapias center, located in the Raval district of Barcelona. It's a non-profit social project where people at risk of social exclusion do their work.


We want to thank you for your trust in us and our creations. Because of you what was once a dream today is our reality. You encourage to pursue new challenges and fill our lives with color.

Each time you purchase a Colorin Colorado product, you also collaborate with us to support following entities: Gaya Sanctuary (rescuing bad treated farm animals), Papallugas (Clowns in hospitals, UNHCR (Food for children in Refugee Situation) and Greenpeace (Respect for nature)