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Basket of the week


Quantity: ∞ (available)

Every week, depending on the harvest, we offer a new basket of fruits and vegetables from the farm of Heike Kuprat in the Spreewald and the farm of Steven Riedel in the Havel.

You have to order before midnight on Tuesdays and the basket is delivered to your home on Fridays.

More information on what's in the basket this week -here-.

You can also subscribe to our news letter -here- Every Monday, we send you the contents of the basket of the week, recipes and news from the farmer.

The price include the basket (250CRC) and the delivery (50CRC)


Fresh products from regional and sustainable agriculture harvested just for you. 

Order by Tuesday midnight for delivery on Friday.
Deliveries only within Berlin Ring.

1_ Place an order on the market place
2_ Send us the CRC @BauerDirekt
3_ Wait for the Friday delivery 
4_ Join our newletter -here

Local & Tasty

We source our products from small farms in Brandenburg, some of which have been around for several generations. Fruit and vegetables are grown there seasonally and develop their fullest flavour just in time for harvest. Our products are harvested within 48 to 24 hours and delivered fresh without unnecessary intermediate routes. In this way, we do not use unnecessary packaging materials and reduce waste products to a minimum.

Sustainable & Fair

We work closely and transparently with experienced food producers who are passionate about their work. With their help, we can offer products that are high quality and respectful of the environment. Together we want to promote sustainable agriculture and regional economies and offer an alternative to the conventional food industry and complex supply chains. This also includes the fact that it is our farmers themselves who set the prices for their products.

Direct & Easy 

Back to basics! We simplify and shorten the link between the product and you as much as possible. When it comes to consuming something, we think it’s important to have a global vision of what it implies. The energy it takes to grow, to be harvested, to be sold and to be transported. By simplifying the whole process as much as possible, we don’t deliver quickly or on any day of the week, but the tomato you have just bought from us was picked at maturity just before delivery, traveled 70 km carefully transported by us, and then was delivered the next day directly to your home.